Monday, March 7, 2016

China and Brazil in African Agriculture

World Development published a special issue in 2016 titled "China and Brazil in African Agriculture."  It contains the following articles pertaining to China, all of which are open access:

--A New Politics of Development Cooperation? Chinese and Brazilian Engagements in African Agriculture by Ian Scoones, Kojo Amanor, Arilson Favareto and Qi Gubo.
--South-South Cooperation, Agribusiness and African Agricultural Development: Brazil and China in Ghana and Mozambique by Kojo Amanor and Sergio Chichava.
--Chinese State Capitalism? Rethinking the Role of the State and Business in Chinese Development Cooperation in Africa by Jing Gu, Zhang Chuanhong, Alcides Vaz, and Langton Mukwereza. 
--Chinese Migrants in Africa: Facts and Fictions from the Agri-food Sector in Ethiopia and Ghana by Seth Cook, Jixia Lu, Henry Tugendhat, and Dawit Alemu.
--Chinese Agricultural Training Courses for African Officials: Between Power and Partnerships by Henry Tugendhat and Dawit Alemu.
--Science, Technology and the Politics of Knowledge: The Case of China's Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centers in Africa by Xiuli Xu, Xiaoyun Li, Gubo Qi, Lixia Tang, and Langton Mukwereza. 

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