Friday, May 27, 2016

DRC's Inga 3 Dam: Will It Go Forward without Environmental Impact Assessment

International Rivers published on 26 May 2016 a commentary titled "World's Largest Hydropower Project Unravels" by Peter Bosshard. The Inga 3 dam in the DRC is part of the world's largest hydropower project. It is estimated to cost $14 billion. The DRC is pressing the World Bank and the African Development Bank to move forward with $141 million in preparatory grants without an environmental impact assessment.

A Chinese consortium will probably build the dam. The government of China has instructed its companies not to build any overseas projects without environmental impact assessments, but it remains to be seen if the World Bank, AfDB, and China hold the line on this project. For more on China's role in African environmental issues see my analysis that appeared recently in the Cornell International Law Journal titled "The Environmental Impact of China's Investment in Africa."

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