Sunday, May 29, 2016

South Korea's Charm Offensive in East Africa

Chatham House published on 25 May 2016 a commentary titled "Regional Competition Could Obstruct South Korea's Charm Offensive in East Africa" by Adjoa Anyimadu and Daragh Neville.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye is visiting Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya in an effort to revive relations with Africa, which have in recent years had a low priority in Seoul's foreign policy.

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  1. My friend's dad was in Korea during the 1952 war under the UN banner. Many Ethiopians died for the peace and prosperity that South Koreans now enjoy.

    South Korea has a moral responsibility to support African nations, especially, Ethiopia.

    Support doesn't mean that they need to give Ethiopia a handout, rather support in technology transfer, opening manufacturing companies, assembly lines, and so on ... whatever brings jobs and investment to Ethiopia.

    The electronics market is flooded with SAMSUNG products in Ethiopia. And it is due time for South Korea to establish a huge assembly line that can support the whole East African nations via AGOA market.

    May God bless South Korea and Ethiopia, and my home country USA.