Tuesday, November 1, 2016

IMF Report on Sub-Saharan Africa Economic Outlook

The International Monetary Fund published on 16 October 2016 its regional economic outlook titled "Sub-Saharan Africa Multispeed Growth."

Lower commodity prices and a less supportive global economic environment are expected to reduce average economic growth in 2016 for Sub-Saharan Africa to one and one-half percent, well below the population growth rate and sharply below the high growth rates of the past 15 years. The IMF projects a modest recovery in 2017 of nearly 3 percent GDP growth.

Most of the non-resource-intensive countries continue to perform well as they benefit from lower oil import prices, an improved business environment, and strong infrastructure investment. In contrast, commodity exporters such as Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, DRC, Ghana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are under severe economic strain.

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