Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remarks at U.S. Africa Command conference in Germany

Two days ago, I delivered a talk at a conference for the U.S. Africa Command (U.S. AFRICOM) in Garmisch, Germany, on "The Evolution of African Militaries." The conference drew about 100 people, including African researchers, U.S. Embassy staff members, and U.S. AFRICOM personnel. My talk centered on transnational issues that impact African stability and security forces. A transcript is available here. UPDATE (2/11): AFRICOM has added the transcript to its site here.


  1. although Amb. David Shinn's articles in sections clearly shows some basic characteristic features of Africa's politic, most of his remarks and suggestions are based on the USA's basic interest to exploite Africa and keep the status quo in the continent. He is the part of the establishment to depict that the current governmnets are altenative better evils than the upcoming unknown people. the white man has always wanted to subjugate africa and its population. the last slave trade era and cold war period are clear examples why the white man never sleep a night to distort and mix the trueth about africa. please the son of africa do not read what the so called divide shinn is writting about africa. he is a man with interest. while he was an amb. in ethiopia i personally meet him and saw the way he want to advance the interest of america at the expense of africa.

    we the people of africa dont want to be preached by a man who thinks he knows better than the people at the grass root level
    Samuel alemayehu, currently living in usa but used to be advisor to meles zenawi

  2. Of course, I put American interests before those of any other country. What does the writer expect? I am an American, not an Ethiopian. At the same time, I have an enormous amount of respect for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.