Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Response to the assassination of Said Tahlil Ahmed, director of the 'Horn Afrik' radio station

The cowardly attack (see Al Jazeera's story here) early in February on Said Tahlil Ahmed, director of Horn Afrik radio station in Mogadishu, is another setback for peace in Somalia and the establishment of a governmental administration that makes a serious effort to unite Somalis for building a better future. I am convinced that the vast majority of Somalis strongly oppose political assassinations, suicide bombings, and use of land mines by a small minority that is trying to achieve power by any means available to it. The long list of attacks in Somalia on independent journalists is especially reprehensible. The message being conveyed is that political extremists can only have an impact by engaging in cowardly acts. I don't believe Somalis will rally to this cause. Image: "Journalist Said Tahlil Ahmed was killed by gunmen in Somalia, according to a colleague who was with him." Source: CNN.

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