Thursday, June 25, 2009

IPS Interview on State Dept confirmation that Washington is arming the TFG

I am quoted in an article by Marina Litvinsky and Jim Lobe of the Inter Press Service News Agency titled "U.S. Confirms Arms Shipments to Bolster Besieged Gov't," (reprinted here in Here are the relevant quotes:
"By all means, go ahead with the training of people who are willing to fight and die for the cause and provide them with the equipment they need," said ret. U.S. Amb. David Shinn, an expert on the Horn of Africa. "On the other hand, if they are just sending in more foreign troops, all that does is postpone the inevitable by propping up a government that is that is unable to stand on its own." Shinn, whose last diplomatic post was ambassador to Ethiopia, said Somalis also resented the growing presence of foreigners among the insurgents and did not believe that the government would collapse in the near term.

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