Thursday, July 2, 2009

Follow up on June 11 post

It is now clear that my June 9 meeting with Salahdin Abdurahman Maow and Abdiwali Hussein Gas stirred up a lot of controversy among Ogadenis around the world. Isn't that one of the goals of a blog? In any event, I appreciate your different points of view. It is now obvious, however, that there are AT LEAST two ONLF factions even if some of you are not prepared to acknowledge that fact. Let me be clear on one other point. I meet with persons having widely divergent views in order to gain a better understanding of the issue, not because I necessarily support any particular group.


  1. Ambassador David, Shinn
    You are 100% correct that there are two ONLFs. One that led by former communist trained general and the other which is led by western educated Engineer who believes democracy and its values.
    Unfortunately, some folks within Ogaden Diaspora think otherwise.
    As a member of Ogaden Diaspora and not a member of ONLF, I agree and believe that there are split within the old ONLF.

  2. currently ONLF is divided into 3 groups. from what i know the division is based on sub-sub-clan somali alliances.
    it is very sad that we have come to this. originally, ONLF was divided over 15 years ago when the SPDP was created. the SPDP was made up of ESDL and ONLF members but it has sadly joined the colonial ethiopian parliament of dictator meles.
    since that time, we are seeing more division inside ONLF. the big worry is how long will this last?? what does this mean? if we can't even agree as Ogaden people, what is the purpose of our armed struggle for independence??

    also, even if we defeat ethiopia and we get independence, does this mean the war will continue forever between ogadenis because we are divided by sub-sub-sub-clan alliances?

    these are tough and sad questions. it is useless to waste blood and life for the ONLF if ogadenia will forever be divided itself.

    the question of self-determination and secession will be abused by sub-sub-sub-sub ogaden rival clans and we will be fighting forever until we make a million small countries.

    this is our sad future

    shame on us!!!


  3. Dear AMB.David Shinn

    Ogaden Somali People are going to have independent from Ethiopia and ONLF heads their strungle. But unfortunitly the former Somali comminist general Mohamed Omar Osman and Abdirahman Sheik Mahdi the former spoksman of general Mohamed Farah Aidid who killed and humilated 13 American solders in Muqadishu. Omar and Mahdi highjicked our Organisation and our people's will in oder to hide their crime.

    Because they ordered the ONLF fighters to attack some of Ogaden civilians and many civilians died there in that oppresion in last 5 years.they are also response the assasination of the Ogaden Hero Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal sothat they are war criminals and they do not representate the ONLF and Ogaden peole any more.

    On the other hand the Supreme Council of ONLF are more dimocratic and open minded ONLF siniors who are going to hold ONLF conferrence and the election of the central committee and the chairman of the organisation and the are realy seeking the solution of this war.

    Therefore your meeting with the chairman of Supreme Council of ONLF Eng. Salahdin Maow and the most respected hero Abdiwali Gas, was appropriate one and all Ogaden Somali People appretiate you and Thank so much.

    Nur Ugaale

  4. Mr Shinn,
    As a scholar how do you define a faction? It seems you have reached a quick conclusion without digging deep and that is the bane of todays Social punits who are opting for the superficial rather than an objective assessment. Your conclusion that there are two factions is shallow, I would suggest to you to either qualify your statements or do proper research unless you have a hidden agenda.