Friday, October 29, 2010

Arms transfers and Somalia

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute published in October 2010 a background paper titled “Arms Flows and the Conflict in Somalia” by Pieter D. Wezeman.

It looks at arms going to Somali opposition groups, the Transitional Federal Government, the African Union force in Mogadishu, Eritrea and Ethiopia. The analysis underscores that the arms transfers risk unintended consequences such as diversion to other parties and human rights abuses.

You can read the entire report here (PDF).

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  1. Amb. Shinn, I am a researcher working on a doctoral dissertation on the ethnogenesis of the Somaliland people, and I was interested as well in some of the geopolitical complications of Somaliland independence (including the Greater Somalia appeal for those who wish to weaken Ethiopia). I was wondering what sort of research you had done on Somaliland given your profound interest and experience in the Horn of Africa region.