Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More on the Muslim Brotherhood

As a follow-up to the report on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood below, I call to your attention a report published by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research titled “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Wider Horn of Africa” (PDF).

Written by Stig Jarle Hansen and Atle Mesøy, this December 2009 analysis identifies three Brotherhood organizations in the wider Horn of Africa region: the Yemeni Al Islah, the Somali Islax and the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood.

Each of these groups has its own characteristics. The Yemeni organization is the most politically powerful. The Somali organization has a global component due to refugees fleeing from Somalia during the civil war and its effective provision of services. The Sudanese organization is still struggling after its confrontation with Hassan Turabi in the 1980s.

All three organizations have a clear political agenda. They have a common model in which they work to control charities by having a majority on the boards of the charities and often denying that the charities are even part of the Brotherhood organizations. The report recommends partnerships with the Brotherhoods so long as partner organizations fully understand the ideological agenda of these groups.

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