Thursday, June 7, 2012

Commentary on Western Policy in Somalia

Ahmed M.I. Egal published a well written and thoughtful, if excessively critical of Western policy and the Somali diaspora, commentary titled "Destination Oblivion: The Failure of Western Policy in Somalia" for the 7 Jun 2012 issue of Pambazuka News. He emphasized, correctly in my view, that the principal problem facing Somalis has been the "collapse of political consent in the country" that predates the fall of Siad Barre.

Click here to read the commentary.

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  1. Well written and thoughtful Article. I agree with you Professor, As you said and also the Author’s argument, there is very important point which needs to be accepted and that is the socio-political organization in Somali Society which is” Clan”. It’s under this clan system which all grievances can be settled and as also the author argued, Somaliland can be good example.
    Mohamed Abdilahi Duale