Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Interview on Ethiopia's Ogaden Region asked me to respond to a number of questions concerning the situation in Ethiopia's Ogaden Region and especially the conflict between the government of Ethiopia and the Ogaden National Liberation Front.  My interview went online 14 August 2013.


  1. We as Somali Ogaden people have already know the position of U.S generally and the position of David Shinn specially.

    My position:
    I do not believe that we can speak to Abyssinian and any person that believe so is truly stupid as one word exchanged is worse contamination than AIDS. You cannot talk to Abyssinians. You cannot say even 'good morning' to these beasts.

    We should not seek assistance from United States and United Kingdom as they are the ones nurturing the Ethiopian Regime.

    Russia and any other Latin America nations are our best bet. Leave US,UK as soon as possible.

    China is a powerful nation so we need to change our attitudes towards China and correct our past errors.

    We need to change ourselves and do more diplomatic activities.

    There is an important key to success for Ogadenis, Somalis, Oromos, etc.:

    I need to contact ONLF leadership an influence them asap . Oh my God, What a mistake,I need to sit or email them to change their mind or the entire Ogadenis will pay the price.

  2. You should make a distinction between government and people. By the way, Ethiopians as a whole are a highly cultured and civilized people,how dare you call them a beast unless you are referring to the regime.

  3. Ethiopians are the only group with great history,written alphabet, language in the region and maintained their independence by defeating Europeans, a rare history in the annals of Africa. That is the reason why the AU is located in Ethiopia.

  4. Ogaden has been struggling for freedom since 1960, and the struggle will continue till indepedence. NO wonder if USA continue blessing TPLF with the massacre on innocent Ogadenis.

  5. It is time for the USA government to lead the way in bringing OGADEN GENOCIDE to an end. The situation in THE REGION must be referred to the ICC by the security council. Failing that, human rights lawyers will be waiting in courts across the world for Ethiopia's military, with evidence that TPLF have committed heinous international crimes against Ogaden natives.

  6. In one of the most popular American animated sitcoms, the Family Guy, the main character Peter Griffin once tried to create his own country. When he was denied a pool permit from the city’s mayor and found out that he could secede from the U.S., he decided to separate his home from the rest of the county and called it Petoria. He became the president of Petoria, a country that was consisted of his home and only his family of six. Peter is known for his brash impulsiveness, but it was all because he was an abnormal person. He once had an I.Q . test and discovered that his low intellect falls slightly below the level for mental retardation. The logic and objective of today’s separatist groups in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia is similar to Peter’s. They are based on egotism, jealousy, and most importantly fantasy.

    The group called Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), which is asking for the west part of Ethiopia to secede, is comprised of few individuals who failed to achieve anything in life. Most of the ONLF leaders are individuals who wasted their time in other countries either as a blue collar or as unemployed. When they heard about the discovery of oil in the Southeastern part of Ethiopia, they suddenly got obsessed with their fantasy of being rich, a president, or a powerful person.

    They bamboozled some people in the remote Ogaden area and used them to perpetrate terrorism. Their fantasy was underpinned by enemies of Ethiopia such as the Eritrean government whose - from its establishment as a liberation movement- intention has been to dismantle Ethiopia. The Eritrean government has been sponsoring and training these so called separatist groups to partake in various terror acts in Ethiopia. They killed innocent people including tourists, destroyed public properties, and disturbed the peace of the local public. Today, most of these individual are either killed or captured by the Ethiopian army. Those who survived and regretted their madness had asked for forgiveness and are now living peacefully with the Ethiopian people. Yet, there are few delusional Peter Griffins remaining. Most of these individuals live in Europe and the U.S. and their only weapon is the internet. Although not many people are paying attention to them, they kept writing fairytales such as how they destroyed a brigade of the Ethiopian army while they are living thousands of miles away from Ethiopia.

    Nevertheless, no one is taking these types of stories serious. In fact, the world is tired of African Peter Griffins who are preaching violence just for the sake of their fantasies. As globalization is taking place and the world is uniting, stories such as being told by ONLF fools are only worthy of comedies, perhaps useful for animated sitcoms.

  7. USA never helped or supported a people without it's interest, and i think ogaden people can achieve their goal withiot USA, sooner or latter,

  8. Truth, I am from the Ogaden and I agree with you completely. ONLF opportunists aiming for power and riches have tried to use us in the past and they have failed, only causing violence, death and destruction. Today they are virtually completely disappeared from the Ogaden in Ethiopia, left to bark and bray from exile in the west while they live off the dole.

    JWXOy xaal qaado.