Friday, August 9, 2013

Violence Continues in Sudan's Darfur and South Sudan's Jonglei

The Enough Project published several recent reports concerning the ongoing violence in Sudan's Darfur region and South Sudan's Jonglei State. 

John Prendergast, Omer Ismail and Akshaya Kumar authored "The Economics of Ethnic Cleansing in Darfur" dated August 2013.  They report that Janjaweed forces are once again torching villages, terrorizing civilians and systematically clearing prime land and resource-rich areas of their inhabitants.  More than 300,000 Darfuris have been displaced so far this year and another 75,000 have sought refuge in neighboring Chad.  An economic agenda is the major driver for the escalating violence, which is fueled by land grabbing, consolidating control of recently discovered gold mines, manipulating reconciliation conferences for increased blood money, expanding protection rackets and smuggling networks, and demanding ransoms. 

A report dated 6 August 2013 titled "Evidence of Violence, Civilian Displacement in South Sudan's Jonglei State" is based on the Satellite Sentinel Project, which revealed destruction of portions of the central market and abandonment of residential areas in Pibor.  There was also considerable expansion of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) encampment in the town.  An estimated 100,000 civilians have been displaced.  A short piece by Garrett Moore on 30 July 2013 titled "Jonglei Civilians Urgently Need Protection and Assistance" explains that fighting is occurring between the SPLA and the rebel forces of David Yau-Yau. 

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