Thursday, September 5, 2013

US, Africa and China Dialogue

The Washington-based think Tank, Brookings, held a conference on 13 May 2013 on the relationship among the US, China and Africa.  It just released the four conference papers under the title "A Trilateral Dialogue on the United States, Africa and China."  The four papers are:
--New Actors in International Development: The Case of China in Africa
--China and African Countries: Areas for Trilateral Cooperation
--The Role of China and the U.S. in Managing Ghana's Nonrenewable Natural Resources for Inclusive Development
--Perspectives on China-Africa Oil Ties

The China Africa Project focused on the Brookings paper in a 23 minute podcast titled "Can the US and China Work Together in Africa?"  with veteran journalists Eric Olander in Paris and Cobus van Staden in Cape Town.

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