Monday, March 10, 2014

Ethiopia: Unilever to Establish Manufacturing Plant in Chinese-built Eastern Industry Zone

Bloomberg News published an article on 10 March 2014 titled "Unilever Plans Manufacturing in Ethiopia to Emulate Vietnam" by William Davison.  The London and Rotterdam-based company is renting space for a plant in the Chinese-built Eastern Industry Zone in Dukem, about 19 kilometers southeast of Addis Ababa.  The ultimate goal is to establish a comprehensive consumer goods manufacturing business in Ethiopia.  Unilever will begin by producing fabric cleaning soaps and then move into food.

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  1. Hey,Completely skewed way of thinking. Industrialization has destroyed much of the Earth, cities are cancers to humanity and nature. The FACT is that African countries are not poor, but maintains a poor mentality. Economic growth is not founded on capitalism. Capitalism is based on greed and the enrichment of the few. In Ethiopia, we will benefit from an agricultural economy more than an industrial, careful to not to over-build like other models. Don't copy the mistakes of others, copy their best.Thanks you so much!!!
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