Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Protecting China's Overseas Interests

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published in June 2014 an analysis titled "Protecting China's Overseas Interests: The Slow Shift away from Non-Interference" by Mathieu Duchatel, Oliver Brauner, and Zhou Hang, all with the China and Global Security Project at SIPRI.

The preface to the report points out that in the post-Cold War era the policy debate within and outside China has focused on humanitarian intervention and the conditions of greater Chinese involvement in collective security and multilateral military operations.  Although this debate continues, as a result of the rise of China to great power status, the key question is increasingly how China will use political influence and military power in support of its national interests overseas.  Africa plays a significant role in this challenge.

You need Adobe Reader to access the document.  If for any reason you can not open the document from my blog, try typing the title of the document into Google in quotes.  That should take you to the SIPRI web site.  Alternatively, go to http://books.sipri.org/files/PP/SIPRIPP41.pdf.  

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  1. Amb. Shinn: I tried multiple ways to get the report from SIPRI. The hotlink did not work and google only took me back to your blog. Any help getting it would be appreciated. Thank you and best respects, Joe Lee Frank