Thursday, September 18, 2014

China-US Cooperation on Counterterrorism in Africa?

Brookings in Washington published on 10 September 2014 a commentary titled "China and the Rising Terrorist Threats in Africa: Time for U.S.-China Cooperation?" by Yun Sun, visiting fellow at the Washington-based Africa Growth Initiative.

The author noted the two countries held in July 2014 a U.S.-China Counter-Terrorism Sub-Dialogue.  She concluded that China believes the U.S. war against terrorism gives Washington tremendous technical, intelligence, and operational advantages on counterterrorism issues that are increasingly relevant for China.  Consequently, China seeks U.S. cooperation for addressing Chinese security threats, but not necessarily those in Africa that are low on China's agenda.  The possibility for U.S.-China counterterrorism cooperation in Africa exists, but only under certain circumstances. 

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