Monday, November 3, 2014

Somaliland Organization Takes Issue with Options Paper

Conflict Dynamics International, a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, published in February 2014 a paper titled "Cultivating Consensus: Exploring Options for Political Accommodation and Promoting All Somali Voices."  The paper presents frameworks, tools, and a range of six option categories for arrangements that can accommodate the political interests and perspectives of the Somali people and their representatives, within and between Somalia and Somaliland.

The Hargeisa-based Centre for Horn of Africa Strategic and Policy Studies took issue with the paper, arguing that it is based on fundamentally flawed premises which lead to unhelpful and potentially dangerous conclusions.  The Hargeisa paper dated 28 October 2014 and titled "Flawed Scholarship and Dangerous Prescriptions" ran in the 29 October 2014 edition of the Somaliland Press.

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