Monday, February 9, 2015

Chinese Companies' Perception of Doing Business in Kenya

The Sino Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE) Foundation surveyed 75 Chinese private and state-owned companies in Kenya in 2014.  Drawing on the surveys, it published in January 2015 a major report titled "Business Perception Index Kenya - 2014: Chinese Companies' Perception Survey of Doing Business in Kenya 2014."

SACE said there are more than 40,000 Chinese nationals and about 400 Chinese companies in Kenya.  It defined a Chinese company as an establishment which has formally registered in Kenya and more than 50 percent of its shares are owned by Chinese nationals. 

Of the 75 companies that responded to the survey, the most common obstacle cited to doing business in Kenya was corruption at 68 percent.  Crime, theft and disorder and personal safety followed at 62 percent, and obtaining work permits at 41 percent.  The least serious obstacles to doing business were the court system (23 percent), getting electricity (23 percent), and labor management (21 percent). 

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