Friday, August 14, 2015

Policy Briefs on China-Africa Relations

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University published in August 2015 three policy briefs dealing with different issues in the China-Africa relationship in anticipation of FOCAC VI to be held in South Africa this year.

One is titled "South Africa-China Multi-lateral Co-operation: BRICS and FOCAC" by Yejoo Kim and Nusa Tukic.  The paper discusses the importance of South Africa's growing role as a member of the BRICS and FOCAC, how they can contribute to South Africa's sustainable development, and how South Africa can take advantage of membership in both organizations.

Another is titled "Preparing for FOCAC VI: China-South Africa Co-operation in Conservation and Renewable Energy" by Meryl Burgess and Harrie Esterhuyse.  It examines the role of these two themes as a way of demonstrating some of the concrete ways in which China-Africa interaction is evolving in a world where sustainable development has become key.

The third is titled "The Temptations and Promotion of 'China Dream': Calling for Africa's Home-grown Rhetoric" by Paul Tembe.  It discusses the domestic context of the Chinese Dream and analyses its extension into Africa in the form of the African Dream.  It suggests the need to establish an African home-grown rhetoric that will help Africa maximize gains in the spaces provided by China's paradigm shift and offer lessons that will better prepare China for engagement in Africa. 

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