Friday, September 25, 2015

China's Ambassador to Eritrea Calls for Deeper China-Africa Cooperation

Xinhua published on 22 September 2015 a commentary reprinted by Fahamu and titled "Africa: Now It's the Right Time to Deepen China-Africa Cooperation!" by Qiu Xuejun, China's ambassador to Eritrea.  The commentary reads like talking points prepared in Beijing for Chinese ambassadors in Africa.  Ambassador Qiu added a section at the end dealing specifically with China-Eritrea relations.

The article has some useful updated statistics.  It states that China-Africa trade in 2014 totaled $222 billion.  (This compares with $203 billion using International Monetary Fund statistics for 2014).  China's cumulative FDI in Africa has reached $30 billion, which almost certainly understates the actual figure.  Chinese commercial loans to Africa have exceeded $50 billion.  In 2013, almost 2 million Chinese nationals visited Africa and more than a half million Africans visited China. 

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