Wednesday, May 25, 2016

China's Economic Excursion to Africa

The winter 2016 edition of the Cornel International Law Journal is devoted to China-Africa economic issues. It contains the following articles, all of which are available on-line:

--Who is in Charge? State Power and Agency in Sino-African Relations by Padraig Carmody and Peter Kragelund.

--The Environmental Impact of China's Investment in Africa by David H. Shinn.

--Social Responsibility or Development Responsibility? What is the Environmental Impact of Chinese Investments in Africa: What are its Drivers, and What are the Possibilities for Action by Tang Xiaoyang and Irene Yuan Sun.

--Constructing Africa: Chinese Investment, Infrastructure Deficits and Development by Olufunmilayo B. Arewa.

--China's Bilateral Investment Treaties with African States in Comparative Context by Won Kidane.

--Exploring African Host Countries' Agency to Strengthen Local FDI Regulations: The Case of Chinese Investments in the Infrastructure Sector of the DRC by Sanne van der Lugt.

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