Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Envisioning a Stable South Sudan

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies in Washington published on 29 May 2018 a series of visions by scholars, security practitioners, and civil society leaders on strategic issues South Sudan must address if it is to make a transition from its current state of disarray to a more stable future.

The series includes the following visions:

--Three Trajectories Facing South Sudan by Luka Kuol.
--Context and the Limits of International Engagement in Realizing Durable Stability in South Sudan by Lauren Hutton.
--Taming the Dominant Gun Class in South Sudan by Majak D'Agoot.
--Durable Stability in South Sudan: What Are the Prerequisites? by Phillip Kasaija Apuuli.
--Security Sector Stabilization: A Prerequisite for Political Stability in South Sudan by Remember Miamingi.
--Confronting the Challenges of South Sudan's Security Sector: A Practitioner Perspective by Kuol Deim Kuol.
--Blurring the Lines: Ethnicity, Governance, and Stability in South Sudan by Lauren Hutton.
--The Rule of Law and the Role of Customary Courts in Stabilizing South Sudan by Godfrey Musila.
--Navigating the Competing Interests of Regional Actors in South Sudan by Luka Kuol.

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