Thursday, November 10, 2022

Podcast on the Ethiopian Peace Agreement

 The International Crisis Group (ICG) posted on 10 November 2022 a 56-minute podcast with Murithi Mutiga, ICG Africa director, titled "Ethiopia's Tigray War: After the Cessation of Hostilities, What Next?" moderated by Richard Atwood.

Mutiga argued that the Tigrayans realized they were holding a losing hand and agreed to give peace a chance.  It is a peace won on the battlefield.  The TPLF should have insisted on peace talks when it held a stronger military position.  The Tigrayan diaspora is dismayed by the cessation of hostilities agreement, but it is less clear how people living within Tigray Region feel about it.  Much depends on the central government's willingness to implement concessions that it has made.  Many Tigrayans interpret the agreement as an example of "surrender terms."