Sunday, March 26, 2023

Protecting the Chinese Community in Douala, Cameroon

 The France 24 Observers published on 17 March 2023 an article titled "Why Is There a Chinese Police Car Patrolling the Streets of Douala, Cameroon?"

A police car with two Cameroonians in police uniform has been spotted patrolling the streets of a neighborhood in Douala, Cameroon that has a large number of Chinese businesses.  When first seen, the vehicle had the word "Police" in both French and Mandarin.  It also had a logo in Mandarin that translates as "Centre for Cooperation between the Chinese community and the police of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon."  After local residents began asking questions about the vehicle, the Mandarin word for Police disappeared but the logo remained.  A local police officer explained that the vehicle escorts Chinese shopkeepers when they transfer money to the bank.