Thursday, July 6, 2023

Chinese Military Training for Africa

 The US Institute of Peace published in July 2023 a study titled "Chinese Professional Military Education for Africa: Key Influence and Strategy" by Paul Nantulya.  

The report describes the People's Liberation Army's support for African independence movements during the decolonization period and then examines recent trends in Chinese professional military training (PME), focusing on the training African officers receive in China.  It sketches the larger political context and ideological framework within which Chinese PME functions and explores how China has used the ties its PME has created or strengthened to overcome political differences with African countries and to serve its broader strategic interests.  The report examines the impressions African officers have of Chinese PME and how it compares with what the West offers.  It concludes with key takeaways and policy implications for American policymakers and military educators as they consider what China's PME approach in Africa means in the context of strategic competition with China.