Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Articles on China's Presence in Africa

 Good Governance Africa published in June 2023 an edition with a series of articles on China's presence in Africa titled "Sovereignty in an Emerging Multipolar World."

The articles are:

--Chinese Media in South Africa: An Overview by Barry Van Wyk.

--Resuscitating Indigenous Languages through Translanguaging Pedagogy within the Evolution and Dynamics of Teaching Mandarin in Nigeria and South Africa by Philip Ademola Olayoku.

--Chinese Companies' Corporate Social Responsibility in the Eyes of Local Communities in Kenya: A Public diplomacy Approach by Cliff Mboya.

--Chinese Vloggers' Representations of Sub-Saharan Africa on Douyin: An Exploratory Study by Isak Wang and Ann Wang.

--The China Factor in Africa's Pursuit of Digital Sovereignty by Mandira Bagwandeen.