Monday, May 2, 2011

"The Jubaland Initiative: Is Kenya Creating a Buffer State in Southern Somalia?"

South Sudan, Juba River. Flickr/Arsenie Coseac.

I'm quoted in Derek Henry Flood's article on the Jamestown Foundation website in Terrorism Monitor (Vol. 9, issue 17).

Here's the full quote I provided (part of which appears at the end of the article):
I believe the Jubaland state concept is driven largely by Kenya to create a buffer zone along its border with Somalia. It is also supported by some Somalis in the diaspora and some members of the TFG parliament. There are differences of opinion between Kenya and Ethiopia over the creation of the Jubaland state. According to press reports even the TFG executive branch has expressed unhappiness with this move. The question is how strongly felt these differences are between Addis Ababa and Nairobi. I would be surprised if Kenya continued to pursue this idea, which it seems to be doing, if Ethiopia considered this a “line in the sand” issue. Of course, the whole issue may be moot. Until the supporters of the Jubaland state can take control of the area from al-Shabaab, it is nothing more than a creation on a map with elected representatives sitting in Nairobi

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