Friday, May 6, 2011

Monograph on security in the Horn of Africa

The Institute for Security Studies published a 400 plus page monograph in April 2011 titled Regional Security in the Post-Cold War Horn of Africa.

Edited by Roba Sharamo and Berouk Mesfin, it contains a wealth of information about the region by mostly African authors.

The chapters include:
  • The Horn of Africa security complex.
  • The Ethiopian-Eritrean War of 1998-2000.
  • The causes and consequences of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border conflict.
  • Regional and extra-regional inputs in promoting (in)security in Somalia.
  • Unravelling the Islamist insurgency in Somalia.
  • The failure of ‘making unity attractive’ in Sudan.
  • Southern Sudan.
  • Piracy off the coast of Somalia.
  • Water conflict resolution and institution building in the Nile Basin.
  • Eritrean-Yemeni relations.
  • Not born as a de facto state (Somaliland).
  • IGAD’s peace and security strategy.
  • Keeping an elusive peace: AMISOM and the quest for peace in Somalia.
  • Building a regional peacekeeping capacity: the challenges facing the African Union in Darfur.

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