Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is China Holding Back Africa's Industrialisation?

The September 2013 issue of Bridges Africa, published by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva, is devoted to China-Africa relations under the title "Is China Holding Back Africa's Industrialisation?"

The articles include:
  • Can Chinese SEZs Spur Industrial Development in Africa? by Vinaye Ancharaz.
  • Is China Bad for Africa's Industrialisation? by Hannah Edinger and Ron Sandrey.
  • China and Regional Integration as Drivers of Structural Transformation in Africa by Richard Schiere and Alex Rugamba.
  • How to Solve African Governance and Development Issues: A Perspective from China by Liu Hongwu.
  • China's Role in African Agriculture by Donald L. Cassell.
  • South-South Cooperation: A New Glow in International Cooperation? by Cheikh Tidiane Dieye.

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