Thursday, September 19, 2013

Somalia: Assessing the First Year of the Federal Government

The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington hosted on 19 September 2013 a three hour event titled "Somalia: Assessing the First Year of the Federal Government."

There were two panels. The first on Somalia's economy and financial sector included Linda Etim, deputy assistant administrator at USAID; Hersi Suleiman, Somali-American Money Service Association; Michael O. Engman, senior economist, Africa Region, World Bank; and Fatima Jibrell, founder of Adeso.

The second panel on governance and political security included Donald Teitelbaum, deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs; Keith Jennings, senior associate and regional director for southern and eastern Africa, National Democratic Institute; Paul Williams, associate professor, George Washington University; and Omar Daair, first secretary, embassy of the UK in the US.

There panels covered a wide range of political, social and economic issues.  The entire event is available on podcast.

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