Saturday, December 6, 2014

China-Africa Graduate Course Syllabus

This is a syllabus for a graduate level course on China-Africa relations that will be taught in the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University during the spring semester 2015.


  1. Professor, I respectfully have some unsolicited input.

    About Unit 11, is there much going on with the AU and China? Noteworthy events besides the donation of the headquarters?

    Sub-regional blocs in Africa except in East Africa don't seem to be at an advanced stage.

    Maybe I'm biased and inaccurate because its my line of work but the basis for the relationship is 60-70% based on developing minerals and oil so it seems suitable that the subject gets its own unit.

    After all exports from China to SSA only account for 3% of the export total, so it's not so much trade in general that's important but in particular natural resources owned and operated by China.

  2. Even I agree that there has been lot going between Australia and China right now. Even our professor Aloke Ghosh told me that there are many things which are kept secretively which impact relationships between countries and such things rarely come in public.