Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turkey's Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa

London-based Chatham House published in September 2015 my research paper titled "Turkey's Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Shifting Alliances and Strategic Diversification."  The paper analyzes all aspects of the rapidly expanding relationship between Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa.  In view of the numerous challenges facing Turkey, however, the paper suggests that Ankara over the short-term may become more insular and be less focused on expanding its efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Today's Zaman, a Gulen-affiliated daily in Istanbul, published on 22 October 2015 an article titled "Report Reveals Repercussions of AK Party Fight against Gulen Movement in Africa" that drew from the Chatham House report.  Only a small section of the Chatham House report deals with the Gulen Movement; most of it concerns Turkey's relations with Sub-Saharan Africa.   

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