Thursday, September 22, 2016

North Korean Nuclear Test: What is the African Position?

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in Pretoria published on 16 September 2016 an analysis titled "Africa's Role in Strengthening Sanctions against North Korea" by Nicolas Kasprzyk, ISS consultant.

On 9 September 2016, North Korea tested another nuclear weapon. When North Korea previously tested nuclear weapons, there was a deafening silence from Africa except for South Africa and Egypt. Since then, North Korea's influence in Africa has been waning. Trade has dropped sharply since it peaked in 2010. Botswana cut diplomatic ties with North Korea in 2014. Uganda disengaged early this year from its military and security cooperation with North Korea.

Angola, Egypt, and Senegal currently sit on the UN Security Council and will have to announce their position on additional sanctions against North Korea. The author adds that all African states, in addition to the three on the Security Council, have a responsibility to ensure that sanctions on North Korea are enforced.

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