Friday, November 8, 2019

Russian Private Military Security Contractors

New America published on 7 November 2019 a major report titled "Decoding the Wagner Group: Analyzing the Role of Private Military Security Contractors in Russian Proxy Warfare" by Candace Rondeaux, Arizona State University.

Russian private military security contractors (PMSCs) are pivotal players in proxy wars in the Greater Middle East and its periphery. This report examines what social media and other digital traces combined with interviews and other research can tell about Russian PMSCs and their role in Russian proxy warfare strategy. Moscow denies any links to Russian PMSCs like the Wagner Group, a paramilitary group linked to Kremlin insiders close to Vladimir Putin. Mounting PMSC casualties in Ukraine, Syria, and more recently Libya have undermined the plausible deniability of their Kremlin connections.

This report does not focus on the Africa connection of Russian PMSCs, where the Wagner Group has been operating in the Central African Republic, Libya, Sudan, and Mozambique. On the other hand, it reports an interesting scandal in Nigeria involving another Russian PMSC, the Moran Security Group.

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