Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ethiopia's Campaign to Obtain Access to the Red Sea

 The Ethiopia Observer published on 15 October 2023 an article titled "'Securing Red Sea Access Vital for Ethiopia's Survival,' Abiy Ahmed."

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed commented that Ethiopia is seeking access to the Red Sea through purchase, leasing, or any mutual arrangement.  He added that "if we don't find an alternative through dialogue, . . . it could be dangerous."

The Ethiopia Observer published on 16 October 2023 an article titled "Eritrea Says It Will Not Engage in Sea Access-related Issues."

The government of Eritrea responded that it is not interested in discussions about Ethiopia's desire for access to the sea.

BNE Intellinews published on 18 October 2023 an article titled "Somalia Rejects Ethiopia's Call for Negotiations on Red Sea Access" by Marco Cacciati.

The government of  Somalia responded that while it is committed to promoting peace and regional integration, it is not inclined to grant access to a strategically significant asset like a port. posted on 22 October 2023 an article titled "Djibouti Rejects Ethiopia's Plea for Direct Sea Access, Joining Eritrea and Somalia" by Xamse.  

The government of Djibouti rejected, albeit gently, the idea that it has any interest in granting Ethiopia guaranteed access to the Red Sea.