Monday, May 11, 2009

Links exist between al Qaeda and al-Shabaab

I was quoted in an article in The Ethiopian Reporter titled "Somalia on track to becoming next Afghanistan" (reprints in Ethiopian Review and Somaliland Press). Here is the brief quote:
David Shinn, former State Department coordinator in Somalia and the U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia from 1996 to 1999, told me that while it’s important to avoid overstating the links between Al Qaeda and al-Shabab, those links do exist.
The passage seems to be taken from my recent interview with Michael Smerconish of The Philadelphia Inquirer. See here for more information, including a transcript of the parts of the interview that did not make it into the article.


  1. Your great Ambassador Mr Shinn but in many ways I feel you let Horn of Africa down by making wrong decisions, misleading information, and eventually created alot of issues by misinforming the US state department with conflicting information and errors. Now I can sense that you want to come clean and still feel guilty.

    You could have done alot and still can.

    You know East Africa and you know we are not evil people but your policies (Americans) have destroyed us.

    Thank you for that Mr Shinn.

  2. Also whats amazing is your able to point out Chinese's involvement in Africa's troubled zones but all these troubles were created by no other than the Americans and your former administration, Africa got sick of America, now we looking into China, you destroyed Africa and now China is taking over just as China was able to beat India in the SriLankan war (Buddhist vs Hindu Timals). That's no secret.