Monday, February 18, 2013

Private Chinese Investment in Africa

Xiaofang Shen, visiting scholar in the SAIS China Studies Program and former World Bank investment specialist, published in January 2013 an excellent study titled "Private Chinese Investment in Africa: Myths and Realities" as a World Bank working paper.

The paper highlights the importance of private sector Chinese investment in Africa and draws on pilot studies in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia and Ghana.  The underlying force behind increased private Chinese investment in Africa is the growing pressure of industrial restructuring in coastal China, which drives some labor-intensive firms to relocate to other parts of the world, including Africa.

Thierry Pairault, a French expert on Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI), commented on 23 February 2013 on Xiaofang Shen's paper.  He noted some confusion in the definition of FDI.  Click here for his comments in French.  An electronic English translation is available on the original site.    

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