Friday, March 21, 2014

Egypt, Ethiopia and the Grand Renaissance Dam

The Inter Press Service published on 21 March 2014 an article titled "Egypt Gets Muscular over Nile Dam" by Cam McGrath.  While the article is mostly a rehash of information that has been widely reported, it suggests that Egyptian security sources say Egypt's military leadership is prepared to use force to protect its stake in Nile water.


  1. Ethiopia will never stop building the Nile Dam. The dam will only stop the waste of billions of cubic water in Egypt. If Egypt wants war we say not a good idea. If it comes, it will collapse as a civilization. That will be the end of Egypt. It will become a place where no one wants to live; therefore Egypt has one choice and that is peaceful negotiation. It has to accept that the days of domination and dictation are gone.

    1. Big words for a little skinny guy !

    2. Big words for an Arab who has never won a war.