Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Africa in the Wider World

The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington published in July 2014 a series of essays titled "Africa in the Wider World" edited by Richard Downie. 

The document contains short essays on the following topics:

--Africa Diverging: The Struggle to Keep Pace with a Fast-Evolving Continent by Richard Downie;
--African Security: Time for Change in Doctrine? by William M. Bellamy;
--The Unfinished Health Agenda in Africa by J. Stephen Morrison and Talia Dubovi;
--Linking Trade and Development in Africa by Daniel F. Runde and Conor M. Savoy;
--China and Africa: Is the Honeymoon Over? by Jennifer Cooke;
--India's Africa Story by Richard M. Rossow;
--The Three Faces of African Energy by Sarah O. Laidislaw;
--Europe and Africa: Where Demographics and Insecurity Collide by Heather A. Conley and Jean-Francois Pactet;
--State Building Challenges in Africa by Robert D. Lamb;
--Africa and the Americas: Historic Ties, Future Opportunities by Carl Meacham;
--The Maghreb Looks South by Haim Malka;
--Banking on Africa's Youth by Nicole Goldin; and
--Africa Opening or Closing? by Sarah Mendelson.

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