Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Chinese Presence in Africa

The most recent issue (1/2015) of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs is devoted to the Chinese presence in Africa.  All of the articles are open access.  They include:

--Adaptation and Learning among Chinese Actors in Africa by Karsten Giese.
--Chinese Adaptations: African Agency, Fragmented Community and Social Capital Creation in Ghana by Katy N. Lam.
--Of Other Spaces? Hybrid Forms of Chinese Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa by Romain Dittgen.
--In the Shadow of the States: The Informalities of Chinese Petty Entrepreneurship in Nigeria by Allen Sai Xiao.
--Non-Interference 2.0: China's Evolving Foreign Policy towards a Changing Africa by Richard Aidoo and Steve Hess.
--Running Out of Time? The Evolution of Taiwan's Relations in Africa by Timothy S. Rich and Vasabjit Banerjee. 

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