Friday, December 11, 2015

China's New Military Presence in Africa

The Diplomat published on 8 December 2015 an article titled "Is China's Maritime Silk Road a Military Strategy?" by Anthony Kleven.  Focusing on China's new military facility in Djibouti, he concludes that China may be looking to militarize ports in the Indian Ocean, making a worrisome prospect for the United States and its allies. 

The Council on Foreign Relations blog published on 9 December 2015 an article titled "China's New Military Presence in Africa" by Allen Grane.  He concluded that the new Chinese military facility in Djibouti is an opportunity to begin working with the Chinese in Africa and building a platform for future U.S.-China cooperation. 

A threat or an opportunity?  Much depends on what China establishes in Djibouti and elsewhere and then what they do with the facilities.

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