Thursday, January 5, 2017

China-Africa Articles in The China Monitor

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University published issue 3 of The China Monitor in December 2016. It contains the following articles:

--Which Lodestar to Follow? South African Public Opinion on China and Other International Partners by Floor Keuleers.

--Tanzania's All-weather Friendship with China in the Era of Multipolarity and Globalisation: Towards a Mild Hedging Strategy by Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Jean-Raphael Chaponniere.

--Chinese Investment in Africa: How the New Normal Can Leverage Agenda 2063 for Sustainable Economic Co-operation by Qiaowen Zhang and Anna Kangombe.

--The Rise of BRICS Development Finance Institutions: A Comprehensive Look into the New Development Bank and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement by Adrino Mazenda and Ronney Ncwadi.

--China's Economic Hard Landing Impact on Africa: A Scenario Analysis by Emmanuel Igbinoba and Rodney Hoaeb.

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