Friday, November 20, 2020

Red Sea Dynamics

 The Africa Report recently published a series of in depth articles dealing with "Red Sea Dynamics."

The articles are:

--Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. . .Conflict or Cooperation in the Red Sea? by Itonde A. Kakoma and Patrick Smith.

--Ports, Military Bases and Treaties: Who's Who in the Red Sea by Andreu Sola-Martin.

--The Red Sea: 'A Vital Artery for the World Economy' by Alex de Waal.

--The Horn of Africa and the Gulf: Shifting Power Plays in the Red Sea by Abdeta Dribssa Beyene.

--Yemen: What Happens Here Sends Waves All Across the Red Sea by Maged Al-Madhaji. 

--Somalia: Caught in the Middle of a Deeply Divided Region by Ahmed Abdisalam Adan.  

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