Friday, November 4, 2022

Webinar on Ethiopian Peace Agreement

 Samuel M. Gebru, a Tigrayan, organized an hour long webinar on 4 November 2022 titled "Understanding the Ethiopia-Tigray Peace Process" with Alex de Waal, World Peace Foundation, Susan Stigant, US Institute of Peace, and Joshua Meservey, Heritage Foundation.  

Some of the highlights of their remarks include that there is no perfect peace agreement.  The will to implement the agreement is more critical than the signing of the agreement.  There will likely be violations.  Some of the terms of the agreement appear to be unrealistic.  Eritrea was not part of the peace process and its intentions are not known; Eritrean forces were continuing military activity as of today. The agreement requires both sides to take into account the "situation on the ground," which implies that Eritrean forces must leave Ethiopia.  There was concern that all of the negotiators were male on both sides of the table.  Going forward, it is imperative in include females in the process.