Monday, May 1, 2023

Growing Concern that Sudan Conflict Will Spill Into Neighboring Countries

 There is growing concern that Sudan's conflict will spill across its borders into one or more of its seven neighbors: Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.  The most immediate concern, however is refugee movement out of Sudan and an expanding humanitarian crisis.  The following media reports deal with the spillover concern:

The Washington Post published on 28 April 2023 an article titled "Why the Fighting in Sudan Spells Trouble for Its Neighbors" by Miriam Berger.

Bloomberg published on 30 April 2023 an article titled "Sudan's Neighbors Pay the Price as Rival Sources Vie for Power" by Katarina Hoije.  

Foreign Policy published on 1 May 2023 an article titled "Sudan's War Might Not Stay in Sudan" by Folahanmi Aina.