Friday, December 15, 2023

US Policy in Sudan

 Foreign Policy published on 14 December 2023 a commentary titled "Don't Allow a Disastrous Collapse in Sudan" by Alex de Waal.

Alex de Waal, who is an expert on Sudan and has written extensively about the country for many years, concluded that "the U.S. government doesn't have easy options and is relearning that there's no such thing as benign neglect in Africa policy.  Shortchanging Sudan was shortsighted. At least the administration now recognizes that it needs to step up its engagement."

Comment:  The subheading of the commentary unfortunately reads: "Biden's benign neglect brought the RSF [Rapid Support Forces] to the brink of victory."  The idea that the United States is primarily responsible for what happens in Sudan is just not realistic.  Two factions--the Sudan Armed Forces led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces led by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo--are committed to taking control of all or at least most of Sudan and no single country, certainly not the United States, has the leverage to convince or force them otherwise.  They both seem quite prepared to allow the total destruction of Sudan before making compromises that would result in a cease fire, a return to civilian government, and the possibility of reconstructing a unified Sudan.