Friday, June 12, 2015

One Belt, One Road: China's Great Leap Outward

The European Council on Foreign Relations published on 10 June 2015 a series of analyses titled "One Belt, One Road: China's Great Leap Outward."  There are contributions by Antoine Bondaz, a PhD candidate at Sciences Po, David Cohen, former editor of the China Brief, Francois Godement, researcher at the Asia Centre, Agatha Kratz, editor of China Analysis, and Raffaello Pantucci, Royal United Services Institute.

China's One Belt, One Road initiative is a combination of a land-based Silk Road Economic Belt and a sea-based 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.  The authors, drawing on Chinese language sources, identify a series of challenges for Beijing's ambitious new Silk Roads.  Based on these analyses, it is  not at all clear where Africa fits into this initiative, including the Maritime Silk Road.  

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