Friday, December 4, 2015

China Radio International Discussion on China and Africa

China Radio International (CRI) Today show ran on 4 December 2015 a 54 minute panel discussion on China-Africa relations coinciding with the Sixth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation being held in Johannesburg.  The panelists were Ambassador Liu Guijin, dean of the China Africa International Business School at Zhejiang Normal University and former ambassador to South Africa and special envoy for Africa, Kemo Bosielo, South African political commentator now at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and myself. 

The topics focused on President Xi Jinping's visits to Zimbabwe and South Africa, China's relations with those countries, FOCAC 6, trade, investment, infrastructure, industrialization, business, labor, African agency, security, conflict prevention, and some of the challenges China faces in Africa.

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  1. China historically tends to avoid security involvement in other countries. To change from reactive to active behavioral mode takes time and perhaps needs more motivations.It is happening though.