Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Russian Academy of Sciences Papers on Africa

The Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences published in 2014 conference papers titled Africa's Growing Role in World PoliticsClick here to see the table of contents.

The section on China-Africa relations contains the following papers:

--China's Role in Africa in the 21st Century by Tatiana Deych.
--Ethiopia and China: Two Former Empires Connect in the 20th Century by David Shinn.
--Can Africa Benefit from its Booming Cooperation with China? The State Capacity Factor in Comparative Perspective by Mamoudou Gazibo.
--China's Relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa: Despite Convergence with Industrialized Countries, Drivers or Structural Transformation? by Alice Nicole Sindzingre.
--China and Africa: Mutual Interest by Yury Smertin.

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